Hi I’m Sumit Kumar!

Experienced teen programmer specializing in Blockly extensions for MIT App Inventor, crafting apps for Android and iOS. Skilled in JavaScript, creating practical tools for enhanced development.

Recent Posts

Secure SQLite Extension

This extension helps you to access SQLite database that is also called offline MYSQL of your app. This extension comes with many features which allows you to use the SQLite database very easily with predefined queries and function with inbuilt encryption.

13 July 2024

InApp Billing Extension

This extension allows you to integrate Google In-App Billing into Android apps with this Blockly AI2 extension. Sell digital goods and online subscriptions.

23 May 2023

Onesignal Push Extension

This extension allows you to implement onesignal push notification in your apps with latest SDK v4.8.3. This extension works in all latest android devices(12, 13).

11 October 2022

Schema ListView Extension

This extension helps you to create list view of any type of design with schema very easily. This extension uses recycler view library that allows you to larger no of lists smoothly without any lag.

15 September 2023

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