[PAID] Recycler View – An Extension to implement recycler list view in your apps

1. Introduction

Description: This extension allows you to create recycler view in your app. This extension works with dynamic components extension by YusufCihan and you can also use kodular in built dynamic component for making recycler view. This recycler view is different from other. How :- It has grid supported with your desired rows and you can also create the horizontal recycler view too through this extension. This extension also have more than 10 animations. This extension brings almost all features of android recycler view.

Latest Version: 5.0.3

Released on: 20 June 2021

Updated on: 16 December 2023

Aix Size: 300KB

2. All Blocks

image image image image image

3. Documentation

4. Usage

Extensions Needed



You need to create the recycler view first in your desired layout. Also, set the total count of the components that you want to create


When the recycler view created it will call the CreateComponent event then you will have to create the component. I have created the component through a procedure.


This is the procedure in which I am creating the component. Make sure to add the main or parent component to the view holder of the recycler view through AddComponentToParent block.


Then you will have to set the data according to the DataBind event. It will be raised when user scrolls the screen and then you will need to change the data. You can take the id of the main component that you have added through AddComponentToParent block through GetIdFromParent block.

Now you are good to go and you have created now a simple design for your recycler view.
You can also use Schema for making components for recycler view.
You can also apply the animation that you want.

5. Screenshots

GIF-210620_085805 GIF-210624_091600 GIF-210624_091455 GIF-210624_091352 GIF-210624_091225

6. Price

For India: ₹499

Outside India: $8

7. Donate

If you liked my any work or the extension, you can support by donating some amount.

Paypal: paypal.me

UPI: iamwsumit@kotak

If you have any issue regarding the extension then you can contact me here

Thank you

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